About the Blog

What it is: a chronicle of my trials and tribulations in the kitchen and beyond. My goal is to make (and eat) delicious, fresh, healthy, and beautiful food. Whether or not this becomes a reality… well, that remains to be seen. What it’s not: a bird, a plane, or superman. What I hope it can be: my ultimate wish is that this blog serves as a place you can come to when looking for recipes, inspiration in the kitchen, or a way to kill a couple minutes of free time. I ALWAYS welcome your comments, ideas, criticisms, wants, or “ohmygoodness please never write about this again”’s.


About Me

I used to live on the West Coast, but now I live on the Eastern one. I like to cook. And eat. And occasionally, make stuff… crafty stuff. I started this blog as a way to chronicle the trials and tribulations of my adventures in the kitchen (and beyond). I try to cook healthy, mostly vegetarian dishes, but sometimes a girl just needs a good burger—medium rare, extra cheese. Such is life.  Here are some other things you should know about me:
  • I love rainbow sprinkles. I believe they are the key to happiness.
  • When I get stressed, I make elaborate desserts. Case in point: three days before I took the MCAT (medical school entrance exam), I whipped up 60 lemon zest French macarons with fresh raspberry Swiss buttercream.
  • I used to work in restaurants, but now I don’t. I miss it a lot.  I still have a lot of opinions on what comprises a good versus terrible dining experience, though.
  • All I truly want in life is a Golden Retriever puppy. And more counter space.
  • I believe that fruit and meat belong together forever and always.
  • I strongly dislike lima beans.
  • I learned how to bake from my mom, but I learned how to cook from my dad. And Julia Child.
  • I lose days at a time while lost in the wonderful world of Pinterest.
  • There are few things that make me happier than cheese.
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