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Vegan Chocolate Nutter Butter Quinoa Cookies

Posted by Rachel Goodman

1/29/14 1:38 PM

If you've ever browsed the plethora of "healthy food"-themed Pinterest boards, chances are you've already come across this recipe more than once. Made with cooked quinoa and raw rolled oats, these vegan cookies are high in protein and take less than 30 minutes to make. Be careful- they're addictive!

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Topics: vegan, Organic Produce, gluten-free, dessert

Secretly Healthy Vegan Chocolate Torte

Posted by Rachel Goodman

12/23/13 5:03 AM

I came across the inspiration for this torte on one of my favorite vegan food blogs, Oh She Glows. I made the original recipe once and was blown away by how fantasticly smooth, creamy, yet still healthy it was. Made with avocado, the original torte recipe manages to have just as rich a texture as those made with full fat whipping cream.

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Topics: vegan, healthy, dessert

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